What will you do if you have a power?

nb: grammar error everywhere!

What will you do if you have a power?


Power is mostly about freedom, i think.

A very special freedom that not everyone could have. A very special freedom which could be got not that easy, you have to work hard and sacrificing some things or maybe even sacrificing yourself. A freedom which let you do whatever you wanna do. A freedom which let you to be respected by others. A freedom which give so much thing you could never imagine.

I used to aim that kind of freedom or maybe I still do. But now, I kind of hating it.

I hate it. I hate a freedom  with no responsibility.  A freedom that lead off the beam. A freedom that cause other people suffer and changed, making innocent people to have grudges, jealousy and all.

And now maybe I am one of those people who have the grudges and jealousy because of that freedom – power. People who have freedom tend to do whatever they want to do without thinking other parties that could get the effect. They tend to think shortly, as long as they and their close people are alright and get no harm, it’s really fine for them.

But they didn’t think other people, other parties like me.

I am one of those people who could only watch silently to those people who use their freedom wrong. Giving advantages to other people who doesn’t deserve the pleasure, that there are so many people who actually deserve it but didn’t get it because the are not in the priority list of one who get the power.

Just because you have the power, that doesn’t mean you can do everything you want, you also have responsibility. And never bring the name of love in that power. It’s the worst thing in power itself. Just because you love someone, that doesn’t mean you give that person your priority regarding the power you have.

Humans are greedy and so am I.  Humans full of grudges and so am I.

If I have the power, I honestly don’t know what I am gonna do. I’m so afraid that I’ll be just like the people before me, the people who use their power wrong, change people to be someone full of grudges and jealousy, and discriminate people who’s not in my number one priority.

And now I am asking you, what till you do if you have the power?


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