Will not know.

Why do people fall in love?

That’s a simple question which pooped up in my mind a while ago. I was sitting in my chair during Calculus class and there he was. A boy whom I got attracted to for a while now, the strange thing for me is now I don’t feel the same way just like the first time or second time I meet him.

I used to love someone so much and in the end our love was never be something as we promised before. It did hurt. I survived. The love was somehow painfully beautiful. And I thought I’d never love someone easily since I did know how it feels like to end those kind of feeling.

But now, I found myself fall in love with someone couple of times. Couple of times. It means not only once. I met new people and I didn’t know how it started. All I know that I will find myself looking at his back and daydream about him, thinking about possibilities which may happen to us. Sadly, few days after that day I’d find myself not feeling the same way anymore, I’d feel nothing and I’d remember him as one of those guys whom I fall in love with.

It was weird. It is.

Why do people fall in love?

Why should I feel this kind of feeling? As if I need this feeling more than anything in the world?

This thing take up so much space in my mind and I don’t even know why. Why people fall in love? Why people being over sensitive about this thing?

Will not know?.

Will not know?


Will we?


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